Who made this cassette deck? Major MC 11A

I just repaired this awesome cassette deck made in 1978. The brand is totally unknown to me and I wasn't able to find who is the actual manufacturer of the deck.

Posting some pics in case anyone could help.


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The logo has some similarities with Mitshibishi but it's not the same. Also checked logo history and their logo was never exactly like this in the past.

Posting photo of the back side, pic taken from the internet


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Hi MartinX,
The names on the parts mean nothing, zero.

The deck could be anything. It is similar in appearance to many, and a few big names OEMed equipment for many others. So basically, who knows? Even if it had a recognisable brand name on it, many were made by someone else.
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Hi kstgr,
It might if you needed a schematic. There can be differences due to production runs, available parts and things like that. Calibration controls ad locations may differ as well.

These are pretty much the same as another overall though. You could probably do a playback calibration with tapes, and then a record calibration. I've done so many I could probably calibrate without a manual (but exact levels would be nice to know at various test points). It would just take longer.

This machine looks so common you could probably find it with various well known brand names on it. So get a manual for one of those, but bewaree that details may easily be different.

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Hi Gusser,
I doubt that very strongly. Designing a faceplate and installing it would be an extremely high cost unless you did thousands and had the factory build them that way.

They make rack mount shelving units. In any custom installation I have seen, commercial or recording studio, they would use that shelf. Changing anything voids the warranty instantly. So many reasons why someone wouldn't.
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From Wiki

Cybernet [kybɐˈneː] was a manufacturer of Hi-Fi-components. In 1982 the company was bought by Kyocera, which used the brand for low budget Hi-Fi-components. In Germany the slogan for Cybernet was "Deutschland's unbekannteste Hifi-Marke" (Germany's most unknown Hifi-brand).[1]
It was considered an unimportant part of Germany's economy due to its lack of fame and budget
...In the 1980s, Kyocera marketed audio components, such as CD players, receivers, turntables, and cassette decks.
I somehow think I remember seeing the Major brand somewhere in mail order catalogs in the late 70th or early 80's but memory was never my forte. Maybe importers created the "Major" name for themselves.
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Many devices from those days with different brand names are internally identical or almost identical (and the outline resp. front design is sometimes slight different).
A good example is the mini fm stereo tuner AIWA ST-R22, which I have check last weeks under the German brand name "BASF" (model D-6600). This AIWA device exist additional under a second brand name: WEGA (model "Minimodul 205 TD").
From the Japanese brand Cybernet there are a lot of components under the German brand name KRAUS HiFi
I think, the actually manufacturer of MAJOR Acoustics is also an other.

Anywhere here on diyaudio was posted links, where are listed all the actually Japanese manufacturers and the associated brand names - mainly for Canada and the United States so as European Countries.
Who know the right URL of this thread ?

P.S.: I think, why I don't find schematics of the Luxman devices under
is exact this reason. The actually manufacturer of this devices branded with Luxman is even an other.
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