who have a sch for mic amps ,


2007-06-08 11:48 am
i have finished one with s5532,very simple one,it work well,i now want to do a batter one.i evern seem a classic one with chip and transistor,but canot find it,please Recommended some,thanks


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2005-03-07 12:00 pm
I forgotten I have designed a mic preamp using my discrete op amp but it's exspensive to realize.
In Italy, very important studio recording think It's a top level preamp and they prefer it to ams neve 1073.
It's for international market and will cost 1800 euro.

Also I have designed a mic preamp using integrated op amp, it's cheap and not critic. I could give you the schematic, I haven't realized it but I have simulated it only, and it runs well.
There are not trimmers or regulations in the circuit.

Another solutions are the THAT IC preamplifiers


in the datasheet you can find a very simple, trimmerless, cheap, and good sounding mic preamp.