White Noise, Protruding woofer


2006-01-11 6:47 pm
Charlize (TA2020)

After removing both input caps and redirecting source ground to the biascap, I am now getting white noise and a protruding woofer from the left channel.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Edit: Just noticed a barely audible hissing from the right tweeter
Are your power supplies isolated from each other?
You need to have either source or amp on battery only when in use. No ground continuity.
Also, does your source have any DC on it's output? The caps block DC in as well as DC out so anything coming in will mess up the bias.
I've managed to get a Charlize (with PSU) running from an Ipod (on battery) without any issues using the same method.


2005-08-02 3:46 pm
Code said:
Ahh, works fine with my mp3 player!

Quite strange as the amp PSU wasnt connected to ground anyway, not to worry, Ill cancel the replacement Charlize and buy a quality battery setup

Cheers fellas

Good to hear it's sorted code:cool:

Just to clarify my point a little.... The two units cannot share the same power source; as in the ring main of the house. If so there is continuity of the blue return ground through the plugs. Not the safety earth;)