Which woofer does 30-1000 Hz / JBL 2235A Equivalent

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you need a light papercone woofer to go that deep and have good mid and 93dB.

Here a nice price 15 inh that comes close to spl and fs with good mid.4ohm
Dayton DCS380-4 15" Classic Subwoofer 4 Ohm | Parts-Express.com

Break up at 1.8k will be hard to get that right, for spl and low quite similar to the jbl


here one with flat resonse up to 1100hz

no breakup les low end
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Depending on the application, the TD15H is likely the closest match to what you'd have with the 2235H. We've actually had a few people do this upgrade in the past and they have been extremely happy with the results. If you have a specific application I'd model it for you. I ran a comparison in a 4cf vented enclosure tuned to 28hz. You can see that it models nearly identically in this application. Red is the 2235H and Green is the TD15H.


It offers a big upgrade with 14mm Xmax vs 8.3mm and 20+mm suspension travel vs 11mm on the 2235H. It also has 500W power handling vs 150. Inductance is .3mH instead of 1.2mH. The full copper shorting ring drastically reduces Le(i) (flux modulation) and Le(x) is perfectly linear at all excursions.

The Selenium could work well. For the money they are quite good. However, keep in mind that a 2" throat will limit the high frequency response. The compression driver itself can play to 25KHz but the 2" throat by nature will have some serious issues around 15KHz. The only reason I would ever go with a 2" driver is in cases where you really need the extra output as in live sound reproduction. A 1.4" like the BMS will give you a little more extension before those throat related problems begin. In reality though a 1" throat will most likely be your best option. I've heard very good things about the new Celestion 1" compression drivers. The 1" BMS and of course the B&C DE250 are also good options. The main point is to find a waveguide that will go down low enough to get to that 800-1KHz region.

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I'm trying to find out if there are any woofers out there that can go from 30 Hz to 1000 Hz... I saw a design which used the JBL 2235H and the TAD 2001, crossed over at 1 Khz... Wondering if something similar can be created, at a more friendly price point.

Two options other than the 2235H repair kit:

1.)Get a dead and needing reconed 2225H, have it reconed with MWA speaker parts kit for 2235H. Much cheaper and dam well as good as the JBL kit. You'll need the mass rings to make 2235H, without you'd have 2234H which you would like just as well. These kits are only available from speaker reconers, so you would likely need one of those guys to obtain it for you.

2.) Get dead 2226H and have Gordon (can be found over on AK foum) and have him build you his "super woofer".......TAD Smad, this monster not only has as much or more xmax, but handles 600 watts, and cheaper to boot

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