Which type are Erie metallised cap for crossover Ditton 25

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I have a question about a vintage speaker's crossover. I would like to recap the crossover of my Celestion Ditton 25. I would like to know if wise and with caps to choose from.

The crossover has 4 inductors and 4 groups of capacitors.

-First, a black Elap 50v 25uf, and

-three, with the same shap, red ''Erie'' metalised 150v 2uf A308, ''Erie'' ''metalised'' 150v 3.5uf A316 and ''Erie'' ''metalised'' 150v A316 3uf.

So there is one for each of the 4 drivers, the two turbine type tweeters have different one.

For the Elcap, it seems clear that is an electrolytic cap, but for the second it is less clear,

I gave a look online and the metallised cap is described as a fast cap. There seems not easy to find 150v electrolytic cap. So it is not an electrolytic cap, which is its type? Film?

The second mystery why there are two different model numbers.

A mate told me that the film cap could give a strident high. I listen to classical and early music so I won't experiment in this field.

In the past, I recapped my Leak 2060 with 3 blue electrolytic cap 50v brought from Falcon Acoustic in England. It was simple, I got ones with the same spec. It was a huge improvement.
Photos from Ditton 25 crossover to recap

I would like to upload photos.

I forgot to mention details about red ERIE cap
A304 2.0 uf 150v DC WKC T TH
A316 3.0 uf (total) 150v DC WKG TWW or TDH
What is the meaning of these letters ?


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Thank you for your fast and accurated answer. I realised that I forgot some details. I read online that film cap are not NP. Is it a issue?

Why there are to ''model'' number A306 and A316. Maybe it is just random numbers ?

After 40 years should I change my Erie caps?

I realised after your post that my Leak 2060, recapped 2 years ago, with its 3 elcap caps was in badest shap that my Ditton 25. The sound was so flat before recapping.


Film caps are non-polar (NP) caps.

ALL crossover caps, whether they be electrolytic or plastic film, must be NP types.

The metallised film caps, unlike the unreliable ELCAPs, will not have deteriorated over time, but modern polypropylenes may give you a smoother sound.

P.S. Forget the manufacturer's part numbers as these are not significant. All your Eries are the same type of capacitor, they just have different capacitance values.
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