Which through-hole resistors for JBL VRX932LAP?

Hello everyone,

I'm working on several of these Class D amplifiers for a friend and have a question.

These are very similar to the JBL EON 515 by the way; they look exactly the same.

Here is the question though. I've gathered all the necessary replacement parts from DigiKey & Mouser but there is one piece of the puzzle which is still a mystery to me.

What specific type of through-hole resistors are these?

From the color bands, one is 24KΩ and the other one is 75KΩ.

I ordered some metal oxide replacements from the stores mentioned above but my worry is that the replacements are much smaller in size and won't be able to handle the load. Someone mentioned these could be "flame proof" elsewhere but I cannot find exact matches anywhere.

If anyone has any input I'd highly appreciate the feedback.