which speaker


2001-12-23 9:20 pm
i looking to make a 4x10" cab for my bass guitar which speakers would i be best using , i am also thinking of adding a horn to the setup.

I also have a eminence 18" waiting to put into a cab, anyone be able to point me in right direction for designing a cab to put it in.


2001-02-19 10:38 pm
I'll throw a curve ball to confuse you - hehe

I've had a few people recommend these
Lambda woofers for home audio project. I've
also had some bass players tell me the TD15X
woofer is great.

So, I ordered one to check it out. What makes
these unique over other brands is the ability to play
smooth up to 2khz while delivering clean bottom end,
so you can match a horn tweeter and you have an
excellent 2 way system, TD15X woofer + horn.


I ordered mine from;

All Lambda woofers are $259 regardless of size.
If you plan to feed more than 500w, then get
the apollo upgrade, cost an additional $150.

If all goes well, I will know soon if this woofer can
truely replace my 18" woofer (for bass) and 12" midbass
If you plan to go three way, tweeter, 18" eminence,
then maybe consider the Lamdba TD12X as the midrange in
a 3 way - hehe

John from Stryke told me he put together a monitor using
the 12" Lambda for a guitar player?? and it was an amazing
setup as not only did it sound good, it produced excellent
bass also, most 12" prosound drivers won't do bass well.

If you need more feedback, he may be able to give
you more info... send him an email


Until I get mine and test it, I will stop the babble - LOL

Stay tuned.