Which speaker terminals would you recommend?

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Too much metal for my taste.

I like Dual Ponomas myself.


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Rig lug or lug & screw ideally. Not that anybody ever believes it, usually on the basis that 'it's old fashioned' ;) so whatever you feel like without spending stupid money really. The Cardas copper posts are probably amongst the best 'regular' type, albeit a mite soft for obvious reasons, so go easy when installing & avoid too much mechanical strain. Better if plated to avoid potential oxidation. Otherwise, Speakon if you don't mind reduced compatibility.
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One need only look at industrial terminal options as they are the only ones that pass the most stringent UL/CSA, etc., testing. Note too that depending on the environment, app, a lubricant is required with Vaseline historically being the best overall for DIYers.
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Eaton Bussman A2 series barrier strips - seriously. Let's not forget that these [actually lesser versions of them] are on plenty of vintage high end speakers and amps -EVs, Altecs, Klipsch [check me on that one pls], McIntosh's justly reverend MC60s... the list continues. Put your $$ / $$$ into better crossover components and drivers instead
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Thus far, I have had the most pleasure using CMC products.
CMC BFA-Z plugs for speaker wire ends as you can't snap off the plug with that solid pin in play.
Their locking banana jacks (not plugs) are solid, well machined, a joy to use, and look great!

Otherwise, Speakons are also spectacular.

An ebay search will easily find them.
Listen to Danny at GR Research.... anything other than tube connectors:sneaky::sneaky::sneaky::sneaky::sneaky: are rubbish. Hr can clearly tell the difference :poop::poop::poop:
No. Don't listen to Danny or anyone else who tries to tell you that tube connectors can in any way affect the sound. They can't.

I have yet to see an independent, unbiased, blind test that confirms a difference between tube connectors and conventional types. Any difference that people claim to hear is nothing more than confirmation bias.

In fact, there have been reports of tube connectors not fitting tightly into their mating socket, which could very possibly lead to a poor connection and decreased sound quality.
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Look at DIN channel or similar mount terminals made by Phoenix Contact and their competitors, screw and spring options are available.

I would recommend screw terminals, if you are not making or braking the joint frequently, as in changing speakers.
The spring loaded ones are claimed to have some advantages over screw type terminals, read up on that.

Phoenix was the first to launch in India, so their name stuck in my mind, it is made by may makers here at this time, I have no connection with the company.