Which speaker is this?

Hey Guys,

Does anyone know which speaker this is, I have always had it on my drool list but I have no info on it.
Anyone have any clue as to the brand and model?



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Looks to be using JMLab/Focal W-cone drive units, and someone else's (Aurum Cantus?) ribbon tweeter. I only know of Wilson using their parts and then only the tweeters, and it's certainly not one of theirs. Perhaps a custom job, not a major manufacturer? :confused:

If you had designs on building something similar then you wouldn't want to delay. Focal have ceased making their drivers available for purchase so whatever you can find is just remaining stock. OK, Audiom drivers weren't exactly a massive market, but once they're gone, as they say, they're gone! Assuming they are Focal units, dust caps don't quite look right somehow...