which soldering station?

I'm ready to upgrade to a real soldering station and have been checking out the ebay prices for the Weller WTCPT and WES50 and WES51. I've also noticed some other units that appear to be temperature controlled, and less expensive than the wellers.
Does anyone have any experience with these?

Xytronics 379 $49.95


this web-tronics house brand model: $39.95

This would be for hobbyist use, not day-in day-out work.

Re: Weller can't be beat

stevesebastianb said:
Hi All,

No, Weller can't be beat for quality and durability. The one I have has given 16 years of trouble free service and it is extremely reliable.

I've tried the Hakko's but the end result is I still like the Weller better with their range or different replaceable tips.
I have also used Weller for decades and the good thing is reliability and supply of spare parts.
With Multicore lead-free solder 96S, I use Hakko 936 here, and Weller Temtronic WS80 at home. Hakko 936 has a better iron stand. But, for all others, I much prefer Weller WS80. I often do p2p wiring for hobby, hmmm...not skilful. Hmmm... doing with Weller always secures me with better quality soldering.

Hope this info will help.