Which PCB For This Transformer

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WARNING: This is an extreme newbie question;

Which PCB should I use for this transformer (see attached photo).

I'm going to build a small tube amp and this is the power transformer that the 120vac electrical wall outlet will be wired into.

What i'm trying to learn is whether or not there are common and commercially available PCB's for such transformers or if all such transformers would require a custom made PCB (in my case custom order...because i'm not going to DIY the PCB).

The pins are 0.300 inches apart from the center of one pin to an adjacent pin. And the pins are very rigid posts that you'd not be expected to solder wires onto. Therefore it seems to me that there must be some other common method of connecting to these pins like a common and commercially available PCB that has holes which are 0.300 inches apart or some kind of module that these types of transformers just plug into.

Basically, for a newbie DIY guy, what are some of the cheapest ways (and hopefully the simplest ways) to get this thing wired into my tube amp?

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This is for pcb mounting and soldering, but you could use perf board and hard wiring, if the appearance
is unimportant. You may have to drill out the holes a little if using perf board. There aren't boards made
just for this, since you'd want the entire supply circuit included as well.

Rayma, is the perf board that you posted above similar to the breadboard below in that it has conducting metals inside the perf board that connect some holes to others? or is the perf board above non conductive at all and therefore simply a way to hold components in place?

SB400: Busboard Prototype Systems : SB400 Solderable PC Breadboard 1 Sided PCB Matches 400 Tie-Point Breadboards With Power Rails : Electronic Design

thank you Rayma
Perf board has no copper, just the board (hence "bare"). With the board with pads you'd still have to drill
out the pads for the transformer leads, but the rest of the circuit could be soldered using the remaining pads.
Sometimes the transformer can be rather heavy, and need multiple spacers to support and strengthen the board.
Bend over the leads on the bottom side to hold it to the board.
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i have found perf board to be weak compared to fibreglass pcb's.
If its not going to be moved the perf is probably ok.
If it is going to be banged around then fibre glass pcb is the way to go.

Nigel, thank you so much for your willingness to help by responding to my question. It makes a lot of sense what you're saying. Right now though, I definitely don't have the time to learn how to make my own PCB. Nor learn any software.

so I'll have no choice but to buy something already made that might somehow work.
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