Which one (A75, Aleph5..) ?


2001-11-26 12:09 pm
As new in the diy audio issues (athough not in diy electronics) , i am thinking of building either A75 or Aleph 5 amplifiers. I would appreciate information on which of above is more easy to build, easy to find parts, and more important which seems to suit more to my speakers : Proac Studio 100, 86db sensitivity, fast, dynamic requiring high currents.

Thanks in advance

Joe Berry

2001-03-15 6:15 pm
Interesting choice. While they differ in topology, these two amps require similar supporting hardware, which is also likely to be your biggest construction expense. One thing you could do is design a hardware platform that could support either design, then build one channel of each and A/B them with your speakers to decide which you prefer. The A75 works fine as a 60W/ch amp powered from +/- 36V as used by the Aleph 5, as long as you include the +/- 50V front end supply.