Which of these three digital amps for my line arrays?

I'm finishing up a pair of line arrays that are 96db/1w efficient, so a lot of power is not a necessity. I am using a Behringer DCX2496 as my active crossover and will be needing 4 channels of amplification for my speakers. I currently own three Sonic Impact T-Amps (barely tested them) and a Panasonic XR-25. I was also considering the Teac AL700P 3-channel digital amp, using 2 channels of each (as many recommend disconnecting the center amp) and using two of them. Reason being they offer more power than my Sonic Impacts and supposedly have better bass reproduction.

Now, I have heard great things about the Panasonic XR-25 as a pure digital amp, but going from an analog source (DCX2496) to the Panasonic's digital amp I'm unsure of. The nice thing about using the XR-25 is I get 5 channels (only need 4) of amplification for the measly $120 I paid for it with shipping. The Teacs, on the other hand, look cooler but would run me $200+ for a pair of them. I'm not sure which would sound better in my situation. Lastly, I do have 3 Sonic Impact amps sitting here doing nothing. I hooked one of them up to my line arrays and it did provide "adequate" volume, but I did notice a loss of bass around 70hz and lower.

Anywho, if you were in my shoes which of these three would you be looking at?



2002-02-06 4:51 pm
Well, in theory I should be able to give an opinion, as I have all 3 amps mentioned, and I'm using a DCX as well. In practice....well, my system is in such flux that any opinion has to be seen as 'preliminary'.

I have modded my XR25 to run off battery power, and was originally using that on my mid/tweets. Sounded 'ok', but when I swapped in the Teac, wowza! MUCH better - more like what I expect to hear from the Panny when run digitally. I'm now thinking that the battery on the Panny might have been low, and if so the test wouldn't be too valid.

The SI imho isn't in the running unless you're looking at reasonable mods, although I haven't yet tried it in the 'main (under construction) rig'.

So, assuming that the $200 isn't a problem, AND you can actually find the Teac units (J&R stopped listing them), that's the quickest route to very good sound. I believe that the Panny would equal the Teac, but only if either modded and/or run digitally (which would mean mods to the DCX). I haven't done any mods to the SI units, so I don't know how good they can get - trying a modded SI would certainly be the cheapest way to go, and you can always change your mind later.

I'm hoping to be able to eval the Panny run via digital input vs the Teac driven by analog next weekend when I get my PC digital xover going.
Thanks for the input! I found a local guy (hour away) that has 2 of these in stock and said he should be getting 2-4 more in, and that may be it. Should I jump on these? I see them going for $190+ at some places on the net.

Also, what do you feel about Newform Research's review of the XR45 and the DCX2496? Do you feel their opinion is biased because they're selling a unit with these, or do you feel it's worthy of noting? One thing I do like about the Panasonic route is the volume control, and better yet, with a remote! :D