Which mods for Sony SCD-555ES???

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I know there are a lot of tweaks for my SACD-player. I did one already, the Guido Tent Clock from Tenlabs. Very good one!!
But maybe there are people who knows some other tweaks, and then I don't mean the very expensive Vacuumstate outputboard, although very interesting, but I want to make it myself. Maybe someone has some advise. I do have all the schematics, service manual.




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Try upgrading some of the op-amps in the audio path, this gave me big gains with my SCD-777ES..

I used LM4562 to replace BB2132 and BB2604, and AD8512 to replace the AD712 in my player. Some of the mods I outlined in my SCD-777ES thread may be applicable to your 555 too.

I haven't done anything in the GICs used in the LPF section because mine uses LM6172 op-amps in those and I think their performance is suitable for the intended application. Theoretically at least the GICs have no effect in the audio band anyway.

I replaced a bunch of the Riken resistors in mine with Caddock MK-132 which does seem to lift a bit of "fog."

Oh yes, lots of Black Gate caps in supply decoupling around many of the digital ICs.