Which is Today's best Chip for chipAmp

I agree that for class D, TDA8932 is very good. So is TPA325x. Chip-amp or not, they are amplifiers in a single chip.
For class AB, LM3886 is among the best. LM1876 is fine as well for lower power levels. TDA729x are alternatives for varying power levels.
For finished DIY amplifier boards, Neurochrome has some very performant amplifiers. The EC7293 seems based on TDA7293s and using a similar composite amplifier concept as Neurochrome. These finished amplifier boards are for use "as is" as large experience has been put in for optimizing the performance.
A good chip can provide mediocre performance in the wrong hands. Similarly, a decent chip can provide stellar performance in the right hands. You have to consider the entire circuit and not just the chip.

I get world-class performance from an LM3886 by applying error correction, for example.



Can you say more about LM3886 error correction ?



I like 3886...cheap, available, easy to use, reliable, almost fool proof, and it sounds decent as it is. Off course you can do all sorts of modifications, inverted, non-inverted, current source/current pump, parallel, nested...sky is the limit.
Maybe this configuration under
https://www.schematicsforfree.com/a...ass AB/Bipolar/Composite Power Amplifiers.pdf
composite amplifiers
LM1875 in parallel configuration and used in a composite amplifier.
but with LM3886/TDA7294 and TI's last generation integrated operational amplifier OPA1611 could be the best solution for a non Class D configuration