Which high powered class d amp ?

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Im considering next month buying a more power full class d amp, atm i have a tiny Douk Audio G3 TPA3116 chip based amp with a tube preamp (both have tone controls) and with upgraded matched nos jan ge5654w tubes.

I have only 8ohm 85db speasker (rated at 87db) and a 24 v 6a power supply, despite that an that my amp is only a single chip base amp im surprised of how load i can play before i notioce any distortion.

Her is some of the amps i consider buying (form a european store)

How do i know which one sounds the best and what board of the same amps on AliExpress that i find on a european store like ebay,amazon is the best.

There is some different versions of the 3116 chip based boards and i also think there some different boards of the TDA7498E


AIYIMA Mini TPA3116 Digital Power Amplifier 100Wx2 HIFI Audio Stereo Amp Sound Amplifier DIY Sound System Speaker Home Theater-in Amplifier from Consumer Electronics on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group

2019 Breeze Audio New BA160 Dual BTL Class D TDA7498E Full Digital Audio Mini Amplifier High Power 160W*2 Bluetooth 5.0 Optional-in Amplifier from Consumer Electronics on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group
Breeze stuff seems to work. The second amp is not stronger than your 3116!
TAS is an older D-amp. TDA7498E for 8 ohm, take only "E" version.
Maybe look for some amp with a 3255 chip, it is the newest version.
Maybe read in some threads here, you are about person number 245 who is asking this question, this month.

personally i thing with the FXaudio 502spro (TPA3250 newer chip) you would be happy. just through out the fake opamps (DIL8) and buy 2 opamps. the smps you have you can use

latest chip is the TPA3255 - 3e boards or TI EVm boards should be actually the best for DIY non experts for self soldering.
boards by Doctor and X are soldering SMD by yourself

another hint i read is the UCD34MP 65 euro -but i check now in the basket.
amp cable set VAt and shipping cost end at 162 euro !!! :eek:- sorry that no deal for me in my country:(

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Maybe just search for " 36V power supply 200W " at Google. from the results, go to "pictures" or "shopping".
Just an idea...

PS a 200 Watt supply will be happy to drive an D-amp to 400 Watt program power, depending on speaker impedance. More than enough for a party!
Quite a lot e-bike charger have 36 and more volt.
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What is most important voltage or ampere

something like 32v and 7-8a or 42-48volt and 5a

a 42-48v low a power supply wil play louder than a 32v with high a?

Found this but what am i missing in watt and sound quality if i buy a 32v amp insated of close to 48 v. Couldn't find anything higher unless i want a much bigger power supply

AIYIMA Speaker Home Power Amplifier Power Adapter 32V 5A DC Power Supply For TPA3255 Bluetooth Digital Stereo Audio Amplifier-in Amplifier from Consumer Electronics on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group
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Look for 800w 48v SMPS for LED lamps - works very well for TPA3255. Fan is overkill, disconnect it or replace with Noctua unless you plan on running close to full power.

Also, low cost 800w or 1200w DC-DC converters work well too. One reason to go with such oversized supplies allows you to run them well below rating and they won’t get hot under normal usage. The mounting frame is a pretty good passive heatsink.

More examples and their test results with TPA3255 can be found in my thread in GB forum.
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have found some but for what i want to buy (lets just say a 50-60 euro TPA3255 amp), they are to expensive,

Basically more clean power and power for dynamic music with bass, not to spend 100 euros just for a power supply.

Like the display so you easily can adjust voltage,current

1000W digital display switching power supply Adjustable voltage and Current limit 0 24V 36V 48V 60v, SMPS 24v 40A, 48V 20a-in Switching Power Supply from Home Improvement on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group

Plug and play, how i like it (but expensive)

800W DC48V Switching Power Supply For High Power TPA3255 Digital Amplifier PSU | eBay

GB Forum ?
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48 V / 10A is a good measure for a high power 3255 running at 8 ohm.

To give you an idea: The voltage is for making it loud, the ampere for power. So if you have enough volt, but not enough ampere, after a short, loud burst the voltage will break down. To have as much Volt x Ampere =Watt, as the amp will have maximum at clipping, is a bit over the top. Look what kind of distortion free Watt an amp can give at the desired Ohm of the speaker and take that as power supply.
If you have 8 Ohm, you need more voltage to reach the same Watt as with a 4 Ohm speaker.
The data sheet of the D-chip (here TPA3255) will show you these details.
For home Hifi in most cases a power supply on the small side will do, for live music the PS should be more stable.

As Chinese SMPS are cheap, light and do not use more energy when over dimensioned, you mal follow xrk971 advice and just take more than you will ever need. Not elegant, but solid...
If i use a power supply more than 8a won't it damage the amp since the TPA3255 amps are limited to i think it's 8 ampere

I have some power from my TPA3116 chip based amp and 24v 6a power supply, if i could play this loud with a 3 or even 6db loud,more power full amp, the sound would be cleaner and i would have 3-6 db more dynamic headroom, i don't need to have 48 v and 8a

Although i sometimes say it's better to have more than you need so you won't be needing it.

Not to play insanely loud but to make it sound cleaner more stress less,relaxed, when not having to use all of the power for the music (could be electronic music with alot of bass),loudness i like.
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Looking at this review The FXAudio 502spros is disapointing and doesn't have much power.

Less than 40 watt pr channel in 4 ohm.

Review and Measurements of Topping TP60 and FX Audio FX502SPro Amps | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum
The guy was battling with his new equipment and I see no reason why he was playing so hard with volume control. Under normal conditions the amp just plays well and sounds well. Unless you have ground loops, it may trigger protection, see discussion on ground loops with Totaldac starting from this: Review and Measurements of Totaldac d1-six DAC | Page 79 | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum

Just buy without FX-Audio PSU. Mine from the begginning was not delivering enough power and died during the first 5 hours.
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So your saying i should consider the FXAudio 502Spro, 32v 5a power supply is enough and do the heatsink modification ?

The original heatsink is still used?

I have to couple the heatsink modifikation to the metal chassi to be spread the heat most effectively ?
Chermann is actually the guy who modded this amp, check his thread. For now you are restricted by the voltage rating of capacitors and you should check the same for on-board regulators. Do not connect higher voltage PSU without checking.
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