Which DAC kit to use with nanoDIGI 2x8


2006-10-11 5:12 pm
Hello people

I am looking for some simple DAC (min 24/96) board/kit which I could use in a chassis with nanoDIGI to use all digital signal DSP. Plenty of them on ebay and other diy electronics shops, but as said..I have no idea what to look for.
I want to bypass the double DA/AD when using a miniDSP 2x4/2x8/4x10 etc.

Just a caution...I have no idea about all the DAC chips, and have no idea what is good or not. i have seen some used a nanoDIGI with 4 x Fiio D03K as a full digital processing. Found it on a Linkwitz Lab site, powering the LX521

I would like to have naked boards, which I can put inside some chassis. Also the reviews on the Fiio are quite contradictory. Some say good, some say bad. If I could match the DACs in other miniDSP boards, that would be enough

Please easy on me :)
Thank you all
DAC boards with AKM chips are probably easier to make sound good. The cheap stuff on Aliexpress and ebay generally has really cheap/fake parts, only the dac chip is genuine. It means sound quality will not be as good as more expensive boards.

If you want to make it easy and you want good quality then JL Sounds makes some very good stuff at fair prices.

There is some info on the Fiio D03K at: Inside FiiO D3 | H i F i D U I N O
...not close to a good quality 24-bit dac, but might sound okay for the price.
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2006-10-11 5:12 pm
Might want to have a look at this thread, a little project i put together with the nano Digi and Khadas Tone Boards.

DSP Crossover project

If you have deeper pockets then a second hand the Lucid 88192 would also do the job and let you use an external clock.

Those Khadas boards would come to 400 without input board (usb)
The Lucid 88192 is about 500 used. I have no idea whats an external clock :confused:

Any other diy board?