Which chip kit?

Hi everyone, this will be my first post on this forum. I built I pair of Voigt Pipe speakers awhile back with the Fostex FE166E driver. I decided to try the little Sonic Impact amp. I was very pleased for $28.00! I thought I would like to try some mods. I have built the Bottlehead Foreplay linestage pre-amp, which has great dot-to-dot instructions. I would be stretching myself to mod my SI, especially if I start upgrading caps, resistors etc. Meanwhile, I have seen a few posts out there about chip amp kits that someone posted that they sound better, like the amp3 from 41hz.com. Maybe a kit would be easier. I wondered if someone could give me a recomendation for what they think would work best with my speakers. For example, should I go ahead and mod out my SI, or should I just order the amp3 and build it, or should I look at some other chip amp kit out there?