Which 200Mhz 2 ch. oscilloscope?

The Siglent is probably the better bet. The Bode plot requires you buy the AWG for the 'scope though, its not built-in. I have the SDS1104X-E and my main quibble with it is its rather small screen (but I'm comparing it with my Siglent SSA-3021X spectrum analyzer with its 10" screen :). I'm not sure all the goodies with the 4-channel version are also available with the 2-channel one, so double-check.

yep, the 1202X-E can't do Bode plot and no Webserver (that solves the small screen issue).
The 2002X-E series is the cheapest 2-channel Siglent scope capable of Bode plotting, but those cost more than the 1104X-E wo. offering more benefit for audio purposes.
The 1104X-E probabely is the best choice price/performance wise as it offers 2x1Gs/s (same as the 2002X-E) or up to 4x 500Ms/s and can easily be unlocked to 200MHz with an firmware update (or hack).

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Yes I agree the Siglent is more modern I should have taken that as a marker, the scope is only for general purpose use and I'm only interested in 2 channels. I do have a beast of a HP1744A... a scope I don't wanna be moving too often, preferably not at all!!!! These modern 'doofers' makes it feel outdated.

The reason for the 200Mhz version is for the 3db points, I'll never measure at this frequency but OK for signal tracing say a 144Mhz signal. The reason for eying the Rigol was that there was a write up on the 100Mhz DS2102 I think the model was and it showed a 144Mhz signal way past it's dB point.... and as the prices came down my bandwidth went up.

I was reading where many a scope have been 'bricked' by attempted updates, I really just wanna buy and use it as it is knowing the only stopper is the firmware.

I would have thought Rigol would have updated their models by now, wonder if it is in the pipeline as they seem to be giving various offers on them, maybe they know it's time to.

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There is a script in the thread somewhere neear the end that makes it pretty easy. I upgraded my 1104 XE and it has worked fine since. My only complaint is the noise of the fan, but I can live with it.
Some of the potential features are not so useful and some of the capabilities are not easy to access. Nowhere near the challenge of a Keysight VNA to use however and autoset will rescue you when you do something dumb.
I wounder how they can double the bandwidth via the software, since it is the analog BW of the input stage, not the sampling rate (which should double too). Do they put an RC at the input that can be taken out with a FET? Silly business model...

Off topic but does anybody know where to get a used 1GHz scope other than ebay? A place with some reputation?
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The analog and ADC are the same in the different models. I believe there is a software controlled antialiasing filter that the firmware switches.

Depends on your budget. If a Keysight or LeCroy is what you are targeting the rental companies would be the first stop. But even used those are expensive, depending on what you need it for. A new Picoscope 6000 may be better suited at $10K vs 17K for a similar LeCroy. However I have a Tek 7S11 with plug in good for 12 GHz which can be duplicated for less that 10% of that. You will also need probes etc. that are useable at 1 GHz.