Where to source the PCM1704-K ?


2013-10-06 7:57 pm

Pcm1704 k grade are becoming quiet hard to get, i need two of them.

It's also seems their is a lot of fake, especially in china... and of course the last remaining seller that seems to stock them are in china :D

This website have 246 of them :

IC 24-BIT AUDIO DAC 20-SOP - PCM1704U-K [PCM1704U-K] : Component Supply Company - Global Electronic Components Distributor

I don't know this seller... but they look serious and they have a lot of reference in their catalog, do you think i can trust them ?


2012-09-13 12:25 am
You have Rochester but the customs taxes and packaging are "heavy" despite the few mg of the ICs !

Not cheap but reliable, better if you source many ICs to profit from the weighty package Rochester shipp !

You have still some PCM1704 at Rochester but not DIP package, just the size bellow (which is easy too !)


2013-10-06 7:57 pm

I order two of them on iiic.cc, get them yesterday. Let's hope it's genuine as this site claim !

Rochester ? I contact them they say they have no k grade anymore, and anyway they take 80$ for shipping 2 ic...

I send a photo. Is that normal the ic have 1 instead of the K ?


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