Where to get pot shaft extension?

I'm using 1/4" long drill bit and cut it to the size. On front panel (for new bushing) I use the bushing from any pot or switch that fits nicely over 1/4" drill bit, the use of some grease is recommended here., On the potentiometer side, for connection between new shaft and pot you can use aluminum standoff with 1/4" hole drilled through (2 screws can be used to hold shafts in a standoff) or any other metal tube that fits tight over shafts.


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antomas said:

Digikey sell part RP383-ND or similar. Unfortunately, they don't have a metric (6mm) equivalent for the european guys... :bawling:

This is still not a bigh deal. Another way to do it is use a thin piece of FR-4 material (PCB material) or thin plastic, drill it through with 6mm drill, and attach to the panel with double sided tape or glue. The panel opening has to be larger than 6mm.

I fixed this way an off center hole in one of my prototypes and it worked just fine ;)
In doubt

Dear Peter, thanks a lot for your (as usual informative) answer.

Just for curiosity, a few years ago I bought a few of the Digikey washers; the material (nylon?) they are made of looks very smooth and appropriate for the purpose. I have instead some doubts about FR-4 (epoxy?). Correct if I'm wrong, but it seems a bit abrasive to me...:confused:

Thanks a lot,
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Shaft Extention

Hi Guys...
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