Where to get nice enclosure for preamp?


2005-12-24 4:34 am
I am looking for recommendations on a nice enclosure for preamplifier I am building. I would prefer pre-drilled one with two knobs (one for source and one for volume). There are couple on Ebay but either they have logo/text I do not need or description is too vague that I do not even know what diameter the holes are.

I really like this
Rounded aluminum chassis amplifier case silver enclosure DIY house 356X84X316mm | eBay

But a great source is to buy a second hand or faulty preamp which you like the look of and strip out the internals and build yours into it. If you pick the wrong one it may entail quite a bit of work but it's p to you if it's worth it in the end. I built mine into a Bang and Olufsen beocord 5000 cassette deck, took more work than I anticipated but I'm pleased with the result. I also got another front panel which I fitted to my DAC.

B&O Beocord 5000 Cassette Player - Tape Deck - Bang & Olufsen - Type 4922 | eBay

Would have been easier if I'd picked a pre-amp to begin with!!