Where to find tube output transformer in Canada?

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I have some relatives in Canada and they are about to visit Indonesia in a few months. I figured i would take this opportunity to get some tube output transformers. Maybe Edcor or Hammond? I don't have any specific brand in mind. I prefer it to be located in Canada so they don't have to be troubled by customs (delivered straight to their address). Any suggestions? They are located in Montreal if this helps. Of course budget is also a concern.
Exactly what type of tube amp are you contemplating? There may be parts sellers closer than you think who could save you some of the costs associated with shipping, taxes, currency exchange and all the other fun stuff associated with international shipping.

As Rayma indicated, Parts Connexion is one of your go-to distributors in Canada, if they have stock in time to meet the travel dates.

AFAIK, Edcor does not have any Canadian resellers, but they do international shipping all the time, so they could ship directly to your relatives.

And even if you do find what you're looking for in or delivered to Canada, you just might run into some fun with heavy pieces of iron in carry-on or checked airline baggage. With recent events, I can't imagine there won't be much greater scrutiny an all baggage on international air travel.
Since higher impedance opt is more difficult to make, i am thinking of something with 8K Zaa for 25W with 4,8,16 ohm secondaries.. you know, the typical EL84 PP opt. I can source lower impedance opt locally here if i ever need one.

Had a look at Parts Connexion and was overwhelmed by their Hammond prices. Anything cheaper?

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Edcor would probably be the most economical choice, but then you're back to the import thing

You didn't really think you'd be finding what you're looking for at under $200 the pair - or more depending on the variables of currency exchange and the others already listed?

Welcome to the world of vacuum tube amp building

FWIW, while it's always nice to have some cushion for headroom ,etc, a power rating of 25watts might be more than needed for EL84P/P - the lower priced models in their line up - but then XPP and GXPP aren't offered with the 3 output taps as standard, - actually there are few "affordable" OPT that are these do- so if that's essential to your project, the CXPP might be the only class in their line-up from which to choose.
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The 25W head room is just to open another option. I drew load line on an ECL85 and with Zaa 4K i am getting around 20W plus. I don't mind getting the lower power. It is just something i want to experiment on. I can design an amp around it.

How does importing goods from US to Canada work? What are the costs to consider?

In Indonesia, imported items worth more that USD50 will have import tax imposed. I imagine something same also applies there. How about GST?

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Well, besides freight in (depends on service chosen):

- should be no duty on transformers if commercial invoice is correctly prepared ( HS commodity code 8546.01.0010) - but don't be surprised if the documents are wrong, or if certain shippers elect to charge a brokerage fee anyway.

- currency exchange - for transactions in CDN $ the currency rate to USD is currently approx x 1.4 (fluctuates, but has mostly been climbing lately);
- local provincial & federal taxes apply to net landed CDN valued cost - Quebec's total tax rate is 14.975% (why the goofy 3 decimal point rate on QST?). These are often collected at time of delivery.
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