Where to find thick Baltic Birch plywood in Ontario??

I'm planning to build Troels Gravesen's DTQWT speakers which call for 21mm thick Baltic Birch side panels.

Here in the Toronto area, every place I called only has up to 18mm thick.

Does anyone know where I can find thicker stock or is there anything that could go wrong with gluing thinner panels together?


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2010-11-22 2:31 am
There shouldn't be a problem of gluing thinner panels together, provided you can exert sufficient clamping force across the width of the entire panels. Make sure you have a sufficient number of clamps, and use woodworking cauls (easy to make from 2 x 4s and cheap) with one slightly convex side. Put the cauls across your panels, convex sides toward the panels, and clamp the ends. This will ensure you are exerting force at the centre of the panels. Also, cut and glue the panels oversize, and trim to size after gluing which eliminates concern about initial 'creep' when you put the panels together.
Thanks, Dave. I should have been more specific and mentioned the GTA rather than Ontario.

I saw that thread but the only mention of a thicker size was a place near Ottawa which is too far for me.

I found out from calling around that nobody imports 21mm baltic birch into North America. It jumps from 18mm to 24.. nothing in between.

After confirming with Troels, I'll be using 24 instead of 21, which is not a problem.