Where to find banana connections

I'm looking for some gold plated banana connectors, I can find the plugs, but not the plates that go on the speaker box. Any suggestions on places that have them. Refer to the picture below if you don't understand. This one is not gold plated, I want gold plated.

Can you make do with using 4 stackable banana plugs for every pair, using the second pair as surface mount sockets and making the face plate yourself?

Neither CPC nor Farnell (I don't know if either of them ship to US anyway) have pre-fitted face plates, but they have blank face plates you can drill your own holes in and banana connectors you can surface mount and stack together (ie. in this formation-)

Found a couple possibilities for you:




Personally I'm a fan of the last one, especially when used on subs, look at the dimensions on the website.

Edit: Theres also a number of terminals on parts express that look identical to the picture that you've shown, but they are indeed gold plated, if you'd prefer the plastic shroud.