where to buy these type of driver


2013-02-04 9:18 pm
Hi all,

A friend gave me this driver for a project (see pic attached).
I'd need to buy more of those, but I can't figure out which model this driver is, and where to buy something like it.

I've asked on another list, and I've been told this might be from a PA loudspeaker, therefore not easy to find.

I'm a newbie here,
so many thanks for any input in advance!

That looks like a servo driver unit for sub bass. To check it, put a small battery, (1.5Volts) across the terminal wires, either way around and alternate the connection. The centre should move out and inwards, depending on the polarity of the battery.

If it is, it is good for up to 120Hz. These are available via many web sites, eba, DV247, Gumtree etc.
Hope that helps.