Where to buy 2SK389 and 2SJ109 in Australia?

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I have searched high and low but cannot find a supplier for these parts in Australia....

I know of MCM and Newark that stock them but i am a little hesitant to buy from them also i know of http://www.borbelyaudio.com but i would like to know of alternate sources for these parts as i will likely be purchasing 25-50 parts of each.... Where do the rest of you buy these parts? I'd like to buy them in Australia if possible because customs will take me to the cleaners if i have to bring that many in....
2SK389 A$2.95
2SJ109 A$5.95

<a href="http://www.wescomponents.com/"><b>WES Components</b></a>
138 LiverpoolRoad
Ashfield NSW 2131

Just looke it up in their '99 cataloge so prices may have changed.

As you did not specify the Idss group, and WES don't mention it in their cataloge, they should be a perfect fit :)

10 yearsd ago I could only find the 2SJ109 as a spare part from the Australian Luxman importers (Encel Stereo) they wanted A$30+ each !!!

I can't find them listed on the Japanese site either, only the 2SK2145/2SK3320 Dual SMD, Vgds -50V and the sources are joined in the chip.

Under single devices only P-channels are listed 2SJ103, 2SJ104, 2SJ105

The website looks new to me. I hope they are only updating their website and the rest will show up soon.
<a href="http://www.semicon.toshiba.co.jp">Toshiba Semiconductor web site</a>

I searched high and low for toshiba JFET's in australia, to no avail. It seems NOBODY stocks the 2SK389, or the 2SK170/2SJ74.

I eventually bought them from a company in the US called B&D enterprises, they were very good and I received them within about a week.

I'd be interested to know if there are any suppliers here in Australia (I'm in Sydney). WES components told me they have them on their lists but have no stock - they weren't very helpful.

I contacted Toshiba Australia, and they would sell minimum order of 3000 units. Not very helpful...

If anybody knows anyone who has toshiba transistors like these, i'd love to know.

Hi folks, I have many new NOS 2SK389-GR for sale on my shelf. Toshiba can not sell these as they stopped production around 10-15 years ago. Not even if they get orders of 3000Pcs !!!??? Strange answer from Toshiba-Australia

I can send for USD 8/Pc + postage/Packing 1st class mail $4. For more info, see the thread below

FS: Toshiba 2SK389 -GR, 2SA1349 -GR, 2SC3381 -GR



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