Where do i get hold of MPS8599/MPSA56 in europa?

Where do i get hold of MPS8599/MPSA56 in europa? For a Leach superamp


I need them for my planned build of a leach double barreled amp,

i need 11 of them and could buy 50 of them to get a good match, but where in eu can i find them to a good price?

I also need these transistors;

2pc 2N3439
2pc 2N5415
1pc MJE15030
1pc MJE15031
2pc MJ15003
2pc MJ15004

Can you point me in a direction for ashop that can supply me with these parts?

Digikey had 5,000 as smallest order..

Best Regarsd
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Farnell, though they will still have a minimum order charge.
You may use MJE15032/MJE15033 which may be easier to get.

The MPS8099/8599 are notoriously difficult to get. MPSA06/56 will work just as well. People also use BC546/556, the pinout is reversed and their Vceo is not quite as high so be careful.


2002-07-04 8:42 pm
You can get matched set of genuine MPS8099/8599 off Ebay easly.
Dont get these...MJE15030,MJE15031,MJ15003,MJ15004
Get these insted: MJE15032,MJE15033,MJ15024,MJ15025.
The driver will be symmetric and the power are a bit faster and much better symmetric then the others.
These 2N3439 & 2N5415 by ST are matching easily and good devices..
Get them all from mouser electronics...