Where do cable threads go?


Disabled Account
2006-11-02 6:15 pm
Maybe in an 'Audiophile' forum...

...where the folks have no understanding of the technical aspects of high fidelity

...yet where they have a psychological desire (for reasons buried in their subconscious) to speak with implied authority on their favourite subject

...hence a withdrawal down the technical tree to a small-minded focus on the items where they may be able to be seen to speak with some implied authority

...owing to the somewhat vague notion of "I can *hear* it" and hence it is *true*, and hence it is *fact*

...hence bolstering their faultering and insecure ego, and hence (in their mind) establishing themselves as *important* and a preeminent authority on the subject.


Alternatively, define your question or statement very clearly, and post here.

Kind regards,


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2006-11-02 6:15 pm
No, not really, I was just having a hard day!

Anyway, post away about cables, and if there is less response than you desire a moderator can always move it to a different section of the forum for you.

Sorry for taking the thread off target.