Where can I pick up a few Dayton silk domes?

I'm looking to build some MTM's for HT using shielded Dayton silk domes but PE doen't have them in stock and they won't be in until at least 5/30. I can't find another place that stocks them. Anyone know of any alternate online stores or are there other tweeters that are comparable in that price ranges, ($15-20)?


diyAudio Member
2004-02-25 9:13 pm
I don't live in the US nor am I knowledgable about the parts they stock but from general reading on here the Dayton line is PE's own line of drivers ie. they get an OEM to manufacture them and badge them as Dayton, they then sell these exclusively.

So the only place you'll get Daytons is PE or the second hand market. Like I said this is what I've uncovered from reading posts on here and I may have read between the lines a little too much. Hopefully someone will be able to give you a definite answer.