Where can I order a multiple octave tone generator chip??

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Hello all!
I'm very new to circuit building, and I'm currently taking an electronics class at NYU. For my final project I'm trying to construct an analog voice modulator. For one part of the circuit, I need a multiple octave tone generator chip, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding one. I need to get it ordered as soon as possible so if someone could point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated!! Also, is there a specific type of octave chip I should get?
Maybe better define what you need. An octave is nothing more than a frequency difference with a factor of 2. Divide a frequency in half and you have one octave lower. So the basic answer would seem to be to make a master oscillator at a high frequency, then run it through as many divide by 2 dividers as needed to generate as many lower octaves as necessary.

Now if you are looking for a chip that generates all the notes of one octave, that is a totally different thing. Primitive synthesizers would use that, usually called a "top octave generator" chip. fed with a master clock, it produced all the notes of the scale at the higherst octave. Then you could add divider chains for each note to generate the lower octaves.

You COULD be asking for either thing, or something else yet. COnsidering your premise, you might even be trying to describe a pitch shifter.
My professor specifically stated that I should use an octave chip... He was pretty vague, and I'm not that well versed in chips or circuit building so I'm pretty lost. I was doing some research online and found a bunch of sites that mentioned the "top octave generator" chip. Would I be able to use that kind of chip to manipulate the pitch of the incoming voice signal instead of using an oscillator of some sort? And if so, where can I find one?
If that's not the case, what kind of chip could I use to create a pitch shift of an octave above and below the given signal?
As I said, a top octave generator is designed to make continuous tones of each note of the musical scale. It is a signal generator rather than a signal procesor. It is also very old technology, I would find them mostly just as replacements in repair of old keyboard instruments.

So you do want a pitch shifter. I have to say in my own eperience I have no recall of something specifically called an octave chip, but I learn something new every day.

Lacking specific knowledge, I might look for existing pitch shifting products. I do know that some bass amps have sub-octave generating features. Adds bottom to the bass notes. They are really just frequency dividers/multipliers. And octaver pedals are popular effects for guitar and bass. Go to Musiciians Friend web site and enter
"octave pedal" into the search box. You will get about 40 examples to look at and maybe get ideas. If you can find schematics for any of them it may provide insights as to how they went about it.

There are various effects units that pitch shift, but as far as I know all of them are DSP based, and I am thinking maybe your prof is not looking for a complex DSP project.

You might also search up "harmonizer" at the same web site. You will get some of the same responses - and octave effect is a sort of harmony - but some other interesting products. I have been eyeing an EH unit that will generate three part harmony from one vocal signal. ALlows me to be my own backup singers.
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