Where can I get mixer VCAs?


2010-06-05 5:28 pm
I'm thinking about giving my mixer VCA capability (with VCA groups and VCA-driven faders), but I don't know where to start finding a VCA that would be suitable for a mixing console; all the ones I have seen are only good for compressors. Can anyone recommend a good VCA?
Have you looked at the THAT 2180? They have three quality ratings - A-C, where A is best. Mouser has them for about $5. The A rating is closer to $9 apiece, but if you're going for quality at any cost, that's your best bet from what I've seen.

I saw a post on here somewhere with a schematic, but their tech notes are pretty good too. Google the part and you'll get lots of good info in the first page.
I really have no idea. I'm just looking into VCAs for the first time myself. However, the 2180 has been used in some pretty reputable studio equipment, and appears to be the IP holder on a bunch of dbx designs.

I'm following a natural progression from music lover to musician to wannabe recording engineer to wannabe electrical engineer. I couldn't design a paper bag, and certainly can't compare two parts based on specs alone.

I've tried to kick-start the topic over in the solid state forum about this chip with an adequate proof of concept design. I just found a free modeling app that I hope will help elevate my schematics from W.A.G. to might-actually-work. I fully intend to build a working demo, and hopefully use it in a couple projects I have cooking. I'll post all the subjective info I can, for what some Joe's opinion might be worth to you.