Where Can I Buy Neo10

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I would ask around your area. Their market seems to be very restrictive. Present yourself as a serious (DIY) professional. I would try here.

Fuzion Far East Ltd.
21/109 Royal City Ave.
Rama9 Road Bangkapi
Huaykwang Bangkok 10320
Tel - +66 02 641 4545
Fax - +66 02 641 4548

Shalom AV Technology Ltd.
Room 1, 1/F, Wah Shing Centre
11-13 Shing Yip Street
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel - +852 2398 1263
Fax - +852-2390 9113
E-mail: shalomav@netvigator.com
Web: www.shalomav.com.hk
I've ordered through Meniscus twice now. Both times they were currently out of, but new ones arrived in about 2 weeks. They seems to be the only vendor for Neo 10 right now. Not sure if they are selling that fast, or if Meniscus is only ordering a handful each time.

Hallo David,

just discovert that the Noe 10 is now on the menue at Parts Express, for round about 155 Dollar/US :). But they are out of stock there as well till 11/5/2010 :(. But as far as i can see there are no sales restrictions like US only like they are at menicus.

Greets Fabian
Until last month BG did not want them sold as individual drivers. They allowed me to have them because I was developing a product line for the commercial market. I have been developing this product line for one of my clients over the past year or more. So you might see some serious open baffle line sources on the market near the first next year using them. The line will be fairly costly and quantities made are not expected to be high. So neither my client or I was willing to commit to the type of quantities that would have kept them off of the market as individual drivers. At least not for now.
Baffle Width for Neo10

This probably isnt the place to ask, but ask I will. Has anyone got an idea of the reccomended baffle width for the Neo10. Planars dont appear to have the same paramenter as standard driver, & the software I have needs parameter to work.

If worst come to worst it will be trial & error, I'm usually good at the error part:D

Shame about your timing on that comment.:confused:

If you do a search on *all* of the smaller BG planars you'll see a wide variety of opinions.

This is almost exclusively do to implementation.

Any time you use a rear chamber on the drivers you are likely subjecting them to compromises in overall sound quality.

Any time you use them open baffle they are HUGELY dependent on the baffle and summing with other drivers.

On top of all this the larger drivers not only have a rising response, but they also operate as line-sources at higher freq.s..
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