where can i buy FFC extensions in the uk?

hi guys,

is there anyone here who has bought an FFC extension cable from somewhere in the uk?

has anyone in the uk had one shipped from lumenlab or another US source?

im looking for .5mm 16-pin,

- i have my 15" philips 150s3 (£46 delivered from ebay) stripped to the ffc

- i have a nobo 490 400W overhead projector (£35 delivered from ebay)

im about to proceed with getting my first projection up with a very obscured display lol ;)
i just took delivery of the cables i needed from www.rswww.com thats radio shack - they delivered them in about 20 hours flat and i didnt even select any priority shipping when i ordered.

maybe now everyone can calm down about FFC problems on monitors!!!!

i got five x 16 way 6 inch ffc's and 10 zif connectors!! so i may have some to sell if anyone else needs them
yes i was just excited there i have been looking through radio shack and radio spares websites for a few hours so please excuse me :)

i have just spent another few hours installing the FFC cable and its working beautifully now, i have the original tiny little b*****d jammed into a zif connector with one of the 6 inch ffc's and then that one goes straight into where the little one used to.

a word of warning - i first tried daisychaining 2 6 inch FFC's together (to make it uber easy to connect the boards) but the signal was ruined (multi coloured lines on screen) - although im not sure why this happened it was fixed upon replacing the daisy chain with a single ffc.

i am so pleased with my results - maybe ill post some pictures tommorow. the picture is so clear and focussed and bright and...... ok back to watching my movie :D