where can i buy a replacement PSU for my Blackstar pedal?

I made my own using the plans I found on regiscoyne.com/tech/pedals. You need a cheap AC or DC power transformer of from 20 to 40 volts. You use a LM 317 adjustable voltage regulator with a heat sink to adjust down the voltage to whatever range you want. You need 3 35 volt capacitors, a 5Kohm potentiometer, resistors and a board to mount some wires onto. I made one to give from 7.6 to 10 but by changing resistors I could make it 10 to 14. A more powerful transformer could get you in the desired range. It is very usable for me as I find different tones from my pedals at different voltages. Just another option and was a very fun project to complete, I'm not sure about positive ground use, but seems like you could make it that way. Good luck, Roy
Fenderjazz is talking a DC supply, mondog is talking 16 VAC. Look at the local charity resale shop. I emptied a grocery cart of wall transformers at my local Salvation Army Friday, found a 14 VAC, a 30VDC @ 4A (HP printers) and a couple of other things useful for driving op amp circuits after regulation. $1 each. Then you would have to change the plug to fit your effect. The 30V you would have to regulate down and bypass the rectification in your effect to get to the DC part, but they are very common.
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Yes, I found a box full of 2 dollar DC wall transformers of various outputs from 4 to 20 volts output at a local electronics store complete with the end plugs that work well with guitar stompboxes, its a very cheap source for those parts! The adjustable circuit can tune them into the exact range you want if you can't find the exact one you need. Roy