Where are old posts?


2002-10-18 11:49 am

Not been active on diyaudio for a long time (sry). Probably I missed something about this.

Why can I not go farther back on a forum (eg on Passlabs forum) than a couple of months (or 10 pages).

I can search for older posting (and open them). But I wanted to step/scroll through the old pages to see if there any threads of interest. And could not go farther back than November 2019.

Btw best wishes for 2020 for all :xmasman:



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2007-09-15 8:14 am
I would suspect your browser and or some corrupt temp files somewhere on your PC. Try a full browser clean and a disk clean.

I just clicked on 'Pass Labs' and for my set up page 467 is the last. Clicking that opens it instantly all the way back the year 2000.



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