where are 1000W - 3000W subwoofer amps sold?

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where are 1000W - 3000W subwoofer amps sold? Or are they simple enough that you can make them yourself. According to someone else, the 2700W amp that powers the sunfire is only the size of a candy bar!!!!
If so...tell me the site that specializes in building these insane amps
2700W in the size of a candy bar? That's impossible even for digital amps. A class D or T driver for a 2700W amp may however be about that size, maybe that's what they mean. As far as building insane amps goes, not to discourage you, but if you were reading my thread entitled "still need help with my amp design," you'd know that there's not much hope unless you're a pro. http://www.nexxon.com does however sell big amps, like a 20,000W amp from Harrison Labs that drives .25 ohms with the greatest of ease. Here's a link to that. http://www.nexxon.com/dbdrag.htm . Harrison Labs also makes some other big amps. http://www.hlabs.com/ . Try this for subs: http://www.nexxon.com/audiobahn/subs.htm . They sell anything up to a 5000W 34" sub for speakers for such an amp, but that's a waste of money, so I'd go with multiple 1000W ones, like the ALUM12X.
i dont want car audio amps because they need expensive power supplies and because of the belief from others that car audio amps shouldn't be used in a home hi-fi subwoofer...i want amps similiar to the ones on the velodyne and sunfire subs.

to give you an idea of what i am targeting at..here are quotes of amps from sunfire and velodyne

"Velodyne's President David Hall has designed a new transformerless, direct-line power switching amplifier. It is capable of producing 1250 watts RMS and over 3000 watts peak. This extraordinary amplifier generates more usable power than has ever been applied to any subwoofer design. One of the key elements of this amazing amplifier is a patent pending energy recovery design which eliminates shoot-through current. Unlike other conventional designs, the Direct Line amplifier has a controlled switching mode for more efficient operation, minimizing stress on the output devices along with reducing RF noise."

"Powered by a special internal Sunfire 2700-watt amplifier, complete with Bob¡¯s (also patented) Tracking Downconverter power supply technology, the Sunfire True Subwoofer has the horsepower to really rock."

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another idea

can you just ask subwoofer companies ( such as sunfire..etc) to provide you as a diy hobbyist, the amplifiers they use on their subwoofers at a price?

In other words..."i dont want your subwoofer but i want the amp that is powering your subwoofer"
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