Whats Vintage Testing Equipment Do YOU Have/Use?

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With this being a pretty much vintage equipment forum, being that we use alot of vintage vacuum tubes, Im sure alot of you out there have some vintage testing equipment.

I personally own a Simpson 260 series multimeter, I will post some pics of it once I get outta work and get back home to it.

So, what vintage test equipment are you using?
Post info and pics :)
Tube/Tube era:
USN/Weston TV-4 tube tester
HP 711A tube power supply
Giant Stancor isolation transformer (P-6125, or is it 6425?)
Tek 585A that I use for parts (fun to look at too)
A few old meters

Solid State, but old:
HP 6227B dual channel power supply
HP 3300A function generator with 3304A plug-in (crusty, barely works)
Telequipment D66 'scope (minty!)
10A/240V Staco variac (anybody have an extra giant variac knob?)

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So, what vintage test equipment are you using?
Having been in the surplus test equipment business for many years, my shop has dozens of instruments from Agilent (HP), Tektronix, Wavetek, Keithley, General Radio, Krohn Hite, Boonton and others. Many of them are not in catalog anymore, but I still wouldn't call then vintage. At least not yet. However, here are some that I do still use that are pretty vintage.

Tektronix 570 vacuun tube curve tracer.
Hickok tube testers, USM-118A cardmatic, 539C, 752A
B&K Precision 707 tube tester
RCA WV-510A master voltohmyst
Eico 555 vom (copy of your 260)
Heathkit C-3 capacitor checker
Kepco HV power supplies
Sensitive Research electrostatic HV meters (analog)
Beckman L12 megohmmeter
Simpson 1699 milliohmmeter
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My dad gave me his old TV repair shop stuff. Stark tube tester (not sure of the model as it's at the other house; a Stark VTVM, and one of those old-as-Moses variacs. Also got an old Stark scope, but it's dead. Something else Stark too, maybe a signal generator, can't remember.

The Stark stuff was like a Canadian HeathKit type company that specialized in supplying schools/colleges (I believe). He got all the kits as part of his TV repairman school curriculum in the late 50's - early 60's and had to assemble them all as part of the courses. I still have his textbooks too. Very cool, but HUGE, like 2 phone books stacked. Bound with bolts and wing-nuts. :cool:

and one of those old-as-Moses variacs

I have several old Variacs. The big one goes from Zero to Burning Bush!

I don't think any of my stuff is newer than 15 years old with the Tek 2232 and the HP8903A dating from about that time frame. I gave away the Simpson 260 and the Eico VTVM I built from a kit in about 1965 because a $4 digital meter just works better. I have about 6 tube regulated power supplies that I use a lot, but about 2 years ago I got a HP 6448B that goes from 0 to 650 volts and 0 to 1.7 amps, forget the bush, this will burn down the house! Wimpy tubes don't stand a chance. Still have an HP200AB oscillator and two 331A distortion analyzers but I don't use them much anymore.

In the RF domain I use two HP 8656 signal generators, an 8901A modulation analyzer, an old 141T spectrum analyzer and a 5328A frequency counter.

All of this stuff came from Ebay, hamfests, surplus houses, and auctions held during the closing of the electronics plants that formerly occupied space in south Florida.
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Heathkit IP-17 HV Supply 0 - 400V
Heathkit IP-2717 HV Supply 0 - 400V
Lambda 71 HV Supply 0 - 500V
Isco 404 VHV Supply 0 - 1.5kV+
3 Power Designs early solid state supplies to 50V..
Radio-Shack 5.0V/3A supply with remote sensing (kit)

Heathkit IT-11 Cap Checker
Hickok 539B Tube Tester

HP 5315A 100MHz Frequency Counter
Amber 3501A Audio Analyzer
Tektronix 2245A Analog Scope
Wavetek 166 Function Generator

Keithley 2002 DMM
Fluke 8050A DMM
Fluke 8010A DMM
Simpson 260 Analog multi-meter

I have an LCR bridge with tube oscillator that I might restore some day.. (Brand forgotten as it sits languishing in a corner)

Dedicated computer for FFT based audio analysis with Pete Millett interface.

Everything works, and works well. It's taken me years to get this all together. The only thing I would add at this point would be a dual domain Audio Precision System 1 or 2..
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I have a Hewlett Packard 200B Audio Oscillator like this one.
It worked the last time I powered it up. It needs a new home.
If anyone wants it let me know.




I have a HP 400H it needs a new home too. It makes a great amplifier for the bench.
Mine looks like this one.
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