What's the Latest Cheap TPA/TDA Amp

Hi Bare

yes you are right, here is cheap really under 2 euro/$.
so we have to talk about the planned budget for an amp then it more "clear" what we could get.

What is your experience about "bang for the buck-amp" ?


You are kindly trying to give advice to the OP but I'm not sure if the OP is hanging on anymore.

"....the latest inexpensive/cheap TPA/TDA amps...". Most TPA/TDAs are not "chip amps" as defined here on the forum, they are class D designs.
"Latest" has to be understood how? The most recent chip design?
"Inexpensive"? Chris is right, what is the budget?
A cheap and pretty well sounding chip-amp is the LM1876. It can be found on boards originating from CN for 10-15$. The sound is close to the (genuine) LM1875.