What's The Deal With Amps?


2005-05-17 4:44 pm
I have plans to make a home theatre system. I will be using the Panasonic XR50 Receiver (100WPC). Since the sub that i will use is a Lightning Audio p2.10.4, I don't plan to take it up past about 100W RMS. Do i need an amp, or can i run it direct from the receiver? Oh, and if i use a 100W receiver with a 70W amp (if i need to), how will it go higher than 170 W? This is so confusing.
Not sure if I understand you correctly, but you should generally forget about watts/power outputs. Most subs come with an in-built amp to power only the sub, so you will still need a separate amp or receiver (with its own amp inside) to operate satellite or stereo speakers. Any 60W +/- receiver or AV amp will do but make sure that the receiver has a subwoofer connection at the back panel. True hifi receivers may not have sub connection, but I think you really mean AV amp (audio visual amp with tuner built in together). In the end its not that important to perfectly match watts between AV amp and sub.