What's the best shareware for PCB's?

Personnaly I use PCAD 2000.
You can find evaluation of it on Pcad.com .
It provide schematic edition and transfer to PCB by netlist.
You have to rout it manually but you can find some autrouteur who working on it.
I've learn in school to make PCB on PCAD. Theay have bought the licence for the extra Specctra PCD routeur. Work very fine. I finalise a PCB for a complete meteorologic station lead by a 68hc11 (very dense circuit).

For the price ? Hum, you know I'm student soooo... If I had it at home... huuuu.... don't ask me more question. But you can find ways to get it.... as you wish.... but I've said nothing.

And if you want to share your PCB files, your friends can download the free PCb and Schematic viewer.