What would your call this box? Good Idea?

Ive been lurking around.

Id like to make a band pass box for a 12in sub put in a Suburban "car". I read up on the Dual-chamber ported system and really like the idea, but I really would like the sub hidden inside the box, mostly for protection.

What would you call a dual chamber ported system applied to a band pass?

Wouldent this have flatter responce then a typical "single tone" bandpass?

Port placement on a dual chambe system:
The center port should it be centered, or does it not matter.
Id like to have the two ports side by side, they will each need to have a bend for length space constraints so one will bend and go into the smaller chamber.

For building the band pass I have built them with the smaller chamber 1/3 the volume. I calculated the total volume the same as a normal vented box. So this dual chamber ported bandpass box should be slightly large to account for the volume of the three ports. The ports will need to have bends to physically fit in the box.

VAS:3.67Cuft, 103.9 (liter)
400 Watts RMS
X-max:11.2 mm

So about a 3 cuft box with 3inX14.5in ports


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Ports in series
Ports are resonant. Energy is stored,and released after a time.

I wouldnt expect that system to be any better sounding than ap orted box or even a bandpass enclosure.

The reason is,any increase in output or extension must have some negative.

It looks like the dual chamber on that site.

Ports are all the same size from memory.

Get winisd pro from linearteam.dk and look at sealed/ported/bp4/bp6 and see whats best for your woofer.It looks like an 'inbetween' woofer which can take either.