What would you do with these?


2016-08-06 5:20 pm
Found these in a trash can! 23939.jpeg
Wouldn't hurt to try would it.
A cabinet brace might be a useful addition for the 23" dimension.
Do you have any thoughts on drivers, you will need to look for a pair of drivers that will work happily in that volume.
I haven't had any experiences of any drivers less than 5" midwoofers, so not easy to make suggestions for you.
Maybe Planet10 could make some suggestions mark audio, Sb acoustics or Peerless 3 full rangers.
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2016-08-06 5:20 pm
Good morning and thanks for the reply.The inside volume is 116.5 cu in or .067 cu ft. I found these drivers on P.E.'s website. Peerless TC2X4FB00-8....PE#264-1614.at only $15.00 ea. Recommended sealed is .045 (96hz) or vented .098 (51hz) so I am right in the middle. But box volume can be adjusted using a few tricks. I will be using these in conjunction with an 8in sub so looks like sealed is the way to go here. Alot less mind work there.Would you suggest a X-over for these keeping anything below 100hz from getting to these drivers?
That's was completely genuine! Trust me I was married twice and completely understand the WAF! Certain factor's need to be followed , size shape color and most importantly the cost! But I just don't have a WAF, I have a MAF ! That's a My acceptance factor! Just thought I'd just rub it in a little! Haha
Trash towers have been cleaned up ,sanded and resanded. looking alot better ordered all the parts needed . Decided to go with a small tweeter and a 3in. full range woofer but added a3in. passive radiator Went with a 2 way passive x-over at 4,000. Will post as the project progresses!


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