What to pair with a peerless TC9?

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Hi all,

Just starting my speaker journey :)

I have a vintage Sansui solid-state amp on the way, about 30W per channel (in the old measurements :) ). I listen to all sorts, but mostly folk, light rock, pop, that sort of thing. I'm more interested in low/medium volume and clear sound reproduction than loudness or bass.

I'm planning on building a pair of nice bookshelf speakers. The woodwork part is my forte. The other part (i.e. everything else) is not.

I've read a bit about the Tympany peerless drivers, and there are some good reviews of the TC9 (TC9FD18) in particular, and I'm not looking to spend much on my first project so budget is about right!

Would the TC9 stand alone as a decent 1-way speaker?

What would be a good pairing for a TC9 in a 2-way cabinet? A tweeter, or a sub-woofer?

Or, for a 2-way, should I be considering a different pairing (e.g. woofer + tweeter) instead of a full-range + [other]?

Any help appreciated!


you can listen them TC9 open baffle, put them on table and give a shot. Or build simple mount to have them pointing at you. You could put them into a small sealed enclosure to get more bass. Treble will beam with such a large cone, otherwise it has pretty nice treble. You might want more dispersion, so additional tweeter might be the ticket.

I've built single Mini Karlsonator (0.53X) with Dual TC9FD's mini karsonator, the 0.4 size version with single TC9. Sounded mighty fine and cost almost nothing. Karlson aperture spreads the treble and gives some more lows compared to naked driver :)

have fun!
The Sopranos designed by Jeff Bagby use the 4" SB Acoustics SB12NRX25-4 with the 1" SB26STCN-04, and gets excellent reviews.

The cabinet measures 6.5” wide by 10.5” tall by 8” deep. It is made of ¾” MDF with an internal brace. The final volume is 4.7 liters or 0.17 cubic feet. The second order crossover uses L + C + R for each driver.... 6-total parts

TC9 works very well in MLTL - I’ve ran it for years in Cyburg’s Needle, check that out. Very nice and pretty simple first project, no crossover required. I used a Sansui 771 receiver as it happens!

It’s a small driver that needs a decently sized box to work, but then does really well.
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As a minor point, the Needle is not an MLTL (which are untapered). There are a handful of definitions for that type of box, ML-TQWT as popularised by Martin King being the most popular, although I prefer ML-Voigt or ML-Horn myself as the more traditional titles.

The TC9 isn't all that ideal for vented boxes due to the low damping (high Q); not impossible, but not ideal. The Karlson variation mentioned above is popular though, and Nola have done their little hybrid box with a pair per channel, the upper run dipole.
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