What the best sub plasement for my room

need to realize the best plasement for two 18" sub in home theater room.
1 or 2 or 3 ? and why?

It is not possible to place behinde of screen.

What is your suggestion?


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What I found really helped was to (and don't laugh) place the subs in my listening position and crawl around the floor until I found the best spot, then revers you and the subs. Also, I ended up getting two powered subwoofers from GW and place them in the room and turned them up to 3/4 the volume of my main subs and it REALLY flattened out the resonse. I'd say my sub sig is flat where ever you sit. Sub signals are omni directional so you can't tell where they are coming from so placement is all about getting the flattest responce in your listening postion, then all around the room.


2008-09-04 1:47 pm
The reason why you walk around is because room modes work both ways. The bass response you hear from any given location with the sub in the listening position will be nearly exactly the same as the response you will hear if you sit in the listening position and place the sub where you were standing. So when you do the walk around thing, you listen for where the response is best, and then put the sub there, and you will get the same response in the listening position.