What systems do you have?

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I use a dvd player run through a bosoz. I run balanced out to an A75 which drives a pair of DCM T-600 timeframes. The timeframes are transmission lines that I got on trade a few years back. They really allow the A75 to shine in the lower end. I'm in the process of upgrading the components in the x-overs so hopefully they will sound even better.
Mirage OM-10's, Meridian 602 transport, Denon pre/pro and Denon amp. The Denon amp was used in a passive bi-amp configuration with a pair of Meridian monoblocks handling the mid/bass, but if one is too much hassle to repair, then they're on their way out. Adire AVA-250 powers the sonosub. In order of future upgrades, its going amp, preamp, speakers, DAC.

I hope I can fix the Meridians, the midbass was much more defined by comparison to the slightly laid-back Denon. The transport however, is easily the strongest part of the system.
<a href="http://www.1388.com/doctor/jonopinion/22032001/"><img src="http://www.1388.com/doctor/jonopinion/22032001/pic2.jpg"></a>
Sony CPD 557ESD
8x OS, PCM64 DAC Chip
I have changed opamps

Hiraga Le Class A 30watt
Just a prototype to test my PCB layout at the moment

<a href="http://www.bandor.com/new_page_1.htm">Bandor</a> 50mm Aluminium fullrange drivers
4 drivers per enclosure of about 7 litres each <b>NO Xovers</b>
Bandors are similar to the Jordan drivers. Made by Jordans ex-wife.
I would love to get their 300mm woofer but the exchange rate for Pound to Aust$ :(

A true "Fluency" non-OS DAC
Uses 2 PCM55HP per channel in an unusual staggered style, the dacs are parallel input devices No LRCK/MCK only bit inputs?
Not going to mention the brand just yet, but it anin't a Luxman.

I have a Garrard 301 grease bearing, paid Aust$20 at a flea market. no tonearm yet

Isoda H08PSR interconnect, Copper/Aluminium twisted together
Solid core twisted mains for speaker cable.
Recently found an Australian brand of Cat 5 that uses FEP (Krone Bronze Plenum), might get some to play with.

Ok, here is my list : btw I realize that my setup is almost 'vintage', I guess I'll need to visit some bank's safe to make money for some update.

Michell Gyrodek mkII
Mayware MkV unipivot arm
Denon DL305+Stanton 881 pick up
(..analogic still sounds better...)
Marantz CD10
Rotel RHQ10 phono pre
DiY tube line pre (using Philips PT49 tubes)
Rotel RHC 10 power amp
DIY speakers (of course!)
Stax SR5 headphone

plus some stuff I am too romantic to sell and contributes to the bad opinion that my wife has of me (like Quad 34 & 306, old Dual CS704 turntable and other dusty relics)

My system

I use a Revox B226S CDplayer modified, a PST140 Bartolomeo Aloia solid state preamplifier and an Hybrid power amplifier builded by a friend.
The speakers are: Spendor LS3/5A, AR10P, a modified JBL monitor and a lots of my project, including reflex, sealed, TL, transflex, TQWT and dipole.
All my projects are published on my site.


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