What subwoofers to support Lowther Fidelio PM6A's?


2010-01-08 5:45 pm

I got a pair of Fidelio's with PM6A drivers. I love them, but sometimes the need of a subwoofer is present.

My current subwooer is a Paradigm PS1000 active subwoofer. It's a 10" subwoofer in a bandpass cabinet. It's quick and does the job nice, but when I use it, the bass loose a little of the crisp, dry sound.

It's also a little disturbing to the sound image with the subwoofer positioned by one of the Fidelio's, not center position. Mabye 2 subs will do better? One at each front speaker?

I just need a little more below the Fidelio's range and try to keep the same sound quality and and being a good match for the Lowthers.

Possibly 2x5" or 2x6,5" subwoofers per cabinet, in bandpass configuration?

I don't know what type of cabinet design that will be the better choice here.

And how to power them? What about a push-pull tube mono amplifier(50W) for each box?

Please feel free to share, need some guidance.


2010-01-08 5:45 pm
I'm trying to look into folded tapped horn design or like this one http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/subwoofers/170771-single-sheet-th-challenge-7.html#post2275805

Also, the Quad Tangband folded tapped horn come into my mind.

I'm highly restricted by WAF, thinking 2 smaller boxes is better than one big one, but I'm aware of packing big sound in a small enclosure isn't the easiest task to do.

How much is possible to do with Width 8"x length 23" x 12"height? Inside dimensions?

I'm able to get it machined, so laminating the box is one option. (machine the horn path on several boards and glue them together for desired width.)

My problem is, besides WAF, is poor Hornresp skills and cad skills..