What should I buy?

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I'm thinking about my big system again because I've decided to sell my Xplods and use the money to buy some EV 10" midwoofers. I can buy 2 EV's with the money.

I plan to use the EV's for my big system eventually, but I will also use them for my Leach amp. What I'm wondering is if I should get the 300W EVM10, or the 150W Force 10, which is not quite as sensitive, but still good, and $30 less. For the Leach amp, since it's in my house, 240W would be way more than enough for the midwoofers. 240W total is what I'd get with 2 EV's and 2 Leach channels. I will have 4 Leach channels available, once they're all done, and I can put 2 EV's in parallel for each channel and get about 200W/channel. I'll be using 2 Leaches for midbass and 2 (at lower power) for treb, which is plenty overkill for the home stereo system.

For the big system, I'll use 6 EV's/900W channel (3 in series, 2 in parallel, 12 ohms total). According to the manufacturer's power ratings, I could get away with Force 10's for both the Leach amp and the Kilowatt amp, but perhaps I should use the EVM10's? Those power ratings are usually a flat out lie, and the EVM's aren't too much more. What do you think?

The Kilowatt system looks something like this (in my head) so far: 4 channels each driving 6 EV 10's, 2 channels each driving some horns, and 2 channels each driving maybe a LAB horn (if I can find out anything about them) or 6 Eminence 15" Delta 300W subs in series-parallel same as the EV's. Xover freqs: 80Hz, 3kHz, but can be adjusted until it sounds good if I don't like it like that.
Total system cost: maybe about $8500, but that's a bit optimistic. Once I include wood for boxes, connectors, racks etc, I'm looking at a lot more $ yet.

Martin, you mentioned the LAB horn a few times. Any other info on it? freq. response? Where can I get 'em? How much? Sounds like a great speaker for my system.

Well, I run EV force 10's and I'd have to say the power handling listing is correct. I haven't ran into any problems with them so far. For heat dissipation they use 10 lb. magnets, 2.5" voice coils, and pretty good venting in the pole piece. As for the Xmax, I think it is listed at 3.3mm.

I seem to recall that this system was being developed with the aim of scaring cattle on the next farm, no? :D

So, if you wan to use EVM10's, running them as direct radiators is a waste. Due to the low Qts/Qes and huge EBP of 382, they will work best on horns. No, they're begging for horns.

The drivers have a large on axis rise in response with frequency, as all good low Qts drivers do, and only a small Xmax of 3.3mm. I reckon you'd run out of excursion before you exceeded their thermal ratings. But in a horn, they have to move much less, for the same SPL, are damped by the loading of the horn, have lower distortion, better transient ability, and depending upon what your planned max SPL is, you might not need 6 a side: 106-110dB/W/m should be a breeze with 1 or 2 drivers per horn.

For ideas take a peek at
There's also some subs there. Jeff allows free us of designs up to 4 units usually. Read the fine print.
This one might suit

BTW, I have little experience of the EVM10 personally, but I know the 12 well, and will soon be listening to a pair in my new midbass horns.

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