What Should I Build??????

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I am planning to builda new speaker steup. I am new to diy audio, but have experience in woodworking and electronics. I will primarily be using this for HT, but do listen to Classical music and some rock. I am already building a sealed powered sub based on the Madisound 1252DVC. I was wondering if I should build MTM fronts or TM fronts. What are the pros and cons of the two for my uses? Please help! I want to start cutting wood soon!
MTM-style offers a few advantages, at higher cost:

- more like a 'point source' due to thier symmetrical design.

- can be placed on thier sides or any other angle without distorting the sound stage too much

- (potentially) higher woofer efficiency to match efficiency of tweeter without l-pad.

And there may be more I am not thinking of. It doesn't matter all too much, but your centre should probably be a MTM design if it is to sit flush against the top of a TV.
If you are new to loudspeaker design, and are planning on building an HT system, you might want to consider purchasing Vance Dickason's Home Theater kit from Parts Express. http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/show...97378&st3=-39023810&Product_ID=16176&CATID=43

The entire kit, including all cabinets, crossover parts, and drivers should cost under $1000 shipped. It uses and MTM for the front and center, and smaller side and front firing rears, designed specifically for surround use.

Since you have woodworking skills, the cabinets arent really a necessity for you, but I would at least take a look at the design notes on the site to get some ideas. Good luck!

(By the way, I find that it easier/better sounding to integrate an MTM with a subwoofer, rather than TM. Cost permitting, I would go with an MTM hands down)
look at this page for some ideas.


It depends on your budget and your goals. Do you want a floorstander or bookshelf? Some two-ways can sound excellent, and a two-way is always going to be simpler to build, especially in crossover design. However, It's hard to get a two-way to image like a properly designed MTM will. It can be done, however. Also, an MTM will often (not always) end up slightly more efficient than a two-way. Uaually this is onl a concern if you are usign SET amps, and if it's a home-theater AP I imagine that is not the case. Post on the madisound board, too. This is a good board, but the Mad board moves a little more quickly. Good luck.
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