what range speaker used 2x 18watt or 2x 10 watt on 18 watts amp

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hello i have a guitar amp and the out put is 18 watt. my amp had two output jacks and selector for output ohms ( 4ohm-8ohm-16ohm)....and i want to make a cabine with two speakers not one.....so i using two speakers 20 watts or two speakers 10 watts....i.e. Divide the watts. or not.....i say that beacuse i see a cabine of "marshall MA 100 WATT" have four speakers from 70 watt each..........help me..
Sure you can use two 10W speakers, as long as you properly match the imedance. Two 8 ohm speakers in series must be hooked up to the 16 ohm speaker terminal on the amp. If you put two 8ohm speakers in parallel, they go to the 4 ohm tap.
Another thing: use speakers meant for guitar, not for hifi. Hifi speakers may not withstand the dynamics of a musical insrument, even if you stay under the rated power.
i say to you something...look....i want to make a cabine for my amp----> had two speakers but the cables of speaker are two not one ( beacuse the amp had 2 ways output....so i connect the one speaker with the first output of amp and the other speaker with second output of amp......with this way i use 20 watts each. o.k.?.....and the ohm of amp selector must be in the same of the speaker.....right?
yes ,,,, but the speakers you connected by a cable that goes to an outlet...and you used 4 speakers ( 16 ohm each)....now me i want to use 2 speakers ( 4 ohm each) beacuse the 8 ohm are expensive...and if i use the speakers ( 4 ohm each
) in parallel the switch must be in 2 ohms...and i don't have 2 ohms on my amp....so i connect 2 speaker ( 20 watt and 4 ohm each)
separately and the switch must be in 4 ohm.....that i say is right or not?
Each speaker has to process half the power that the amp puts out.
So given an amp that produces 18W of power, each speaker gets 9W.
Since it is an amp for guitar, those 18W will be the undistorted power. Overdriving the poweramp will produce more power than 18W.
Good guitarspeakers can handle that: up untill their rating they produce a clean sound. More power gives distortion. My old Vox AC30 has two 15W speakers, meaning that they need to handle more than 15W each when pushing the amp.
thank you so much......king regards....and something else...my amp is the clone of MARSHALL 1974x...i make it with guidance of TUBE DEPOT...and in manual book have some cool modifications, and two of them are 1) tube / solid state rectifier selector switch and the 2) tone cut control..............................
There is big difference in sound, if you add an epilogue "tube / solid state rectifier?????????????????...........and
What use TONE cut control, and what difference has the sound
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